question for you..

what if you had a proven, step by step plan for creating best selling products for your shop?


✅ you could easily create products in high demand, instead of putting in SO MUCH work and selling nothing

✅ your sales were predictable rather than a frustrating guessing game (this is the worst, I know)

✅ you felt like your success was inevitable instead of a hope or dream!

If you want the exact details and techniques behind effortlessly creating best selling products.. keep reading!

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if you're not successful after trying "everything" in your shop, it's definitely NOT because the market is "too saturated". And you don't suck either. 😃

The real problem? You've missed the MOST important step to having a highly profitable shop. The problem is your APPROACH to deciding what to sell!

the ✨proof✨

In April 2021 I launched an Etsy shop using the exact strategies inside my Best Seller Secrets workshop.

I located an in-demand paper product, researched highly optimized keywords, launched my shop with the $25 (handmade) product and sold $11,931 in 3 months with zero audience outside of Etsy traffic!

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So, what's inside?

trend spotting secrets

✅ You will learn step-by-step how to research the exact trends and designs that are in HIGH DEMAND right now. 💰💰
✅ Rather than creating products you just hope and wish will sell, you'll learn how to sell based on what your customers really WANT (IE: your sales will be way more predictable!) 
✅ These super easy techniques will bring WAY bigger results in your shop in the shortest time possible!

dominate the algorithm

Ranking your products at the top of a search does NOT have to be feel impossible!
✅ You will learn how to easily find and structure your keywords, tags and titles to get your listings in front of WAY more shoppers - organically (no ads or extra marketing). 

Grab Best Seller Secrets below..


Hi! I'm Margaret, owner of SVG Club and teacher of this Best Seller Secrets workshop! I created this workshop for small shop owners who were tired of guessing what would sell and needed quick wins to set them up for financial success. Before I learned all about trend research, I was throwing product ideas around just hoping people would buy them. When I discovered trend research, it changed everything! Now I know what I put out there will sell, because I've done the work to ensure there's a hungry audience. These techniques will transform the way you run or start your online shop.

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