Trend Research Workshop
Trend Research Workshop
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Trend Research Workshop

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what if you had a proven, step by step plan for creating best selling products for your shop?


✅ you had an easy way to rank all your products in Etsy search so you actually make SALES 

✅ you could easily create products in high demand, instead of putting in SO MUCH work and selling nothing
✅ your sales were predictable rather than a frustrating guessing game (this is the worst, I know)
✅ you felt like your success was inevitable instead of a hope or dream!

✅ JUST ADDED: Chat GPT Prompts/Tutorials to supercharging your Etsy titles, tags and descriptions with keywords millions of buyers are searching for!

If you want the exact details and techniques behind effortlessly creating best selling products.. keep reading!

the ✨proof✨

In April 2021 I launched an Etsy shop using the exact strategies inside Best Seller Secrets.

I located an in-demand paper product, researched highly optimized keywords, launched my shop with the $25 (handmade) product and sold $11,931 in my first 3 months with zero audience outside of Etsy traffic!

Product image

**If you're inside the tiktok or insta app, you can check the images of this product for screenshots!**

So, what's inside?

Trend Spotting Secrets

✅ You will learn step-by-step how to research the exact trends, keywords and designs that are in HIGH DEMAND right now. 💰💰
✅ Rather than creating products you just hope and wish will sell, you'll learn how to sell based on what your customers really WANT (IE: your sales will be way more predictable!) 
✅ These super easy techniques will bring WAY bigger results in your shop in the shortest time possible!

✅How to use Chat GPT to make your listings perform better than your competitors :)

Algorithm Domination Strategies

Ranking your products at the top of a search does NOT have to be feel impossible!
✅ You will learn how to easily find and structure your keywords, tags and titles to get your listings in front of WAY more shoppers - organically (no ads or extra marketing)



Is this mainly for Etsy shops?

This is geared towards Etsy shops! You can also use this info for your own website once you get started.

Do I need any subscriptions or software to get started?

We will be using free plans and trials for any tools used in the course. You may choose to upgrade at a later time based on your needs.

What is your refund policy?

There is an %100 money back guarantee for this workshop! If you're unhappy with what you've learned, please contact our support within 30 days of purchase.

Will this work for any niche or type of shop?

Yes! But you will need to be open to revamping or creating new products/designs based on what your trend research shows.

What if I don't have a shop yet?

This is ideal! The BEST way to start a new shop is by doing trend research FIRST! Consider yourself lucky.